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The mentoring program with Embracing You, LLC is a commitment based program serving girls of color in the Philadelphia area. Focusing on youth empowerment, community service and positive identity development, we are looking for mentors who identify as women of color to assist youth. The ages for participants will range from 14-18 years old. As a mentor, you will participate in group activities however you are responsible for coordinating at least 2 hours of time with your mentee each month.

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As a mentee, you will be paired with a mentor who will plan a meeting at least once a month for a minimum of 2 hours a month. You will also participate in workshops and community service activities. All mentors will go through a background check before being paired with a mentee as well as an interview process. Mentees will also be asked to participate in an in-person meeting with their parent/guardian as well as an Embracing You staff member. Parents and guardians are asked to participate in selected activities at the beginning and end of the quarter.

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