Our Services 

Students and parents are invited to contact us for assistance with all things college-related! Applying for college and not sure where to start? We do! Are you the first person in your family to attend college? Ms. Austin was too! Are you a parent and you're not sure how to assist your student? We understand! Contact us to set up a consultation!

Embracing You is strongly tied to the college experiences of students of color, therefore, we would love the opportunity to engage on college campuses! We provide a variety of workshops related to the College Experience including: college access, supporting college students, how to make the best out of your college experience, and more! Recognizing self empowerment and development as essentials for a well rounded college experience, Embracing You developed the I Am workshop which has been widely received as it journeys through stigmas and self reflection.  

Each semester, Embracing You takes students on a college journey! Connecting closely with students, we are able to planned trips to colleges that include transportation, a guide to asking questions during the tour and more! Tours are planned to ensure that students are comfortable with asking questions about their college experiences, and to purposely work with those who are unsure of where to start. Families are invited to contact us for personal assistance.



Having a strong philanthropic spirit, many opportunities are available to connect students, and families with volunteer opportunities. Many opportunities are sought out to meet the needs of local, and national communities. Embracing You will lead clothing and food drives, as well as support local events with donations seasonally.