FAQ With the Founder!

What is the significance of the name Embracing You?

Embracing You, details the journey of many youth and women of color. Having to redefine, and accept who they are, specifically in the ways in which society tells them not to. Learning to Embrace who you are as a youth and or woman of color is a creative, engaging and life-changing journey.

What services can Embracing You provide?

Embracing You currently has three focuses which are: inspire, representation and scholarship. To inspire confidence and empower others, we host workshops and take others on an interactive experience. Workshops include team building, confidence exercises, 1:1 consulting as well as group workshops. To represent the academic and personal success of women of color we will continue to host college tours, feature representation on our site and create spaces for conversations that are important to our growth.

What can we look forward to from Embracing You?

Embracing You is currently hosting a school supply drive which has been the first event in our philanthropic efforts. We finished up a return to one of our previously visited colleges and gave new students a close-up experience. In the fall, we’ll be rolling out our ways of providing a visual representation of what it means to embrace yourself through clothing and insignia.